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Lonestar SC San Antonio players make 2017 ODP State Team

Lonestar SC San Antonio would like to congratulate the players who made the 2017 ODP State Team!


Many Lonestar SCSA players brought their best to State Pool Training Sessions by displaying their technical attributes, good decision making on and off the ball and showing exceptional leadership skills. We are proud to see our players able to take what they learn from the countless hours on the pitch with our professional coaching staff then putting it on display on a different stage and earn recognition for it.


Good luck boys and girls!



05/06G 04G 03G 02G 01G 00G


 Madelyn Oberholtzer 

Mabry Williams


Maryn Campbell 

Mallory Gomez-Leon 

Jadis Kirk

Grace Loehr

 Kendall Peterson 

Teah Vloedman

 Alexis Washington 


Kate Cardinal

Audrey Davis


Angela Baltimore

Isabella Castro 

Arielle Chodosh 

 Amber Lockwood

Asia Cavazos

Katelyn Davis 

Ashlyn Fulgham

 Ambree Rheinberger

Haley Smith

Autumn Renaker



05/06B 04B 03B 02B 01B 00B

Hugo Arce

Jayden Franke


Zachary Webb

Nicholas Hernandez

Jeremiah Pullen

Dakota Franke

Ian Garza


Gabriel Delanoy

Brandon Garcia

Cole Hill

Julian Horvath

Joshua Levin



Eric Barocas

Vincent Florio

Adrian Maldonado

Isaiah Simien







Boys Camp Dates - University of Alabama Campus, Tuscaloosa, AL

Boys 01-02-03 July 8-12
Boys 01-02-03 Holdover * July 12-15
Boys 00-04-05-06 July 13-17


Girls Camp Dates - University of Montevallo Campus, Montevallo, AL

Girls 04-05-06 July 6-10
Girls 03 July 11-15
Girls 00-01-02 July 17-21


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