If you are interested in joining the Lonestar SC San Antonio family please use the link below to register -
US CLUB Soccer Forms:

Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio Release and Acknowledgement Form:


South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) Forms:


Micro Academy Lonestar SC San Antonio Forms:


Academy Lonestar SC San Antonio Forms:


Select Lonestar SC San Antonio Forms:


Financial Aid:


Uniform Packet:


Additional Forms:



Directions for link:

Step 1: Click on "Find your team store" - this is located at the top of the webpage
Step 2: Click on Texas on the state map that will come up
Step 3: Scroll down until you reach the "L" section and select Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio
Step 4: Using the drop down menu on the upper left side of the page select "NAME OF TEAM HERE"
Step 5: Find your last name - they will be listed in numerical order and click there.
That should take you straight to his page!  If your player's name is NOT on team - email


How to Accept Your Spot?