Lonestar Soccer Challenge

2016 Lonestar Soccer Challenge




To all who participated, on behalf of Lonestar Soccer Club SA, we want to thank you for your contribution to the Fall Soccer Challenge and Fall Festival 2016. 

The Soccer Challenge is our annual fundraiser which provides funds for training, equipment, coaching licenses, and ongoing training for coaches, a portion of the funds raised is also allocated to our Players Foundation, which provides scholarships to qualifying families. 
The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for Lonestar Soccer SA to be the best soccer club in San Antonio. We could not do all of this without you, and want to extend our sincere appreciation for all that you have done to assist us.



1st Place- Nathaniel Henson 


2nd Place- Dawson Brinkely 


3rd Place- Jason Cardenas 



Top 9 v 9 team- 06G White SA East


Top 11 v 11 team- 05G Red SA 







Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio is a full service soccer club providing a place for any child to develop on and off the soccer field. We provide an opportunity for players to enjoy an active lifestyle, to develop a competitive mindset, to develop values and qualities such as hard work, dedication, trust, respect, discipline, responsibility and accountability. Lonestar SC San Antonio is the home of young soccer players aged 4 to 19 and is home to Academy, DII, SII, DI, SCL, PL, SPL soccer teams. Lonestar SC San Antonio also has fun soccer camps for any child that wants to enjoy and learn to love the great game of soccer. Finally, Lonestar SC believes every child should strive for a college education and our college placement program is designed to support our players in this pursuit. Alamo City Soccer Club is DBA Lonestar SC San Antonio and is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.



Proceeds go to support our Players Foundation..."Every Player Plays"