San Antonio Player Development Friendlies (SA - PDF)

San Antonio takes a big step towards soccer player development.

September 2015


San Antonio takes a big step towards player development


In accordance with the United States Soccer Association, who encourages clubs to take actions toward player development, three local clubs in San Antonio, Texas have taken the initiative to become founding members of the newly formed San Antonio Player Development Friendlies (SA –PDF) league for boys and girls U8, U9 and U10. Member clubs Classic Elite Soccer Club, Lions Football Club and Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio operate SAPDF under the US Club Soccer Organization.


The vision of the member clubs in the SAPDF league is to offer a player centered learning environment, allowing players to be free to develop their skills, techniques and tactical play through self-discovery and creativity.

SA -PDF league offers many advantages like:


Developmentally focused, success measured by individual player progress

Competitive environment with evenly match games to consistently challenge players 

Game day roster flexibility, leading to the opportunity for increased playing time each weekend, this promotes greater chance of individual development.

Less travel with location based scheduling promoting a more connected program & club experience for players & families.


All players are registered through the US Club Soccer organization and are fully covered for insurance purposes. Member clubs work together to schedule & organize games, ensure a safe environment, and put the players first creating the optimal environment holding true to the vision of the SA – PDF league.

The SA PDF league schedules games on a weekly basis and selects fields where each team

plays. Scores and standings are not kept. Young players are naturally competitive and will be intrinsically driven to compete in the games. The outcome of each game is not a priority for the league nor is the member clubs, the process of improving the performance of each player in games is the primary concern for all involved.


SAPDF has been in operation for under a year and member clubs have already seen how the move has greatly benefited the players. Some of the benefits from this league are:


  • Clubs are refining their player’s development curriculum due to the constant evaluation from their coaching personal to their players.
  • Coaches are dedicating 100% of their energy on helping players development instead of winning
  • Coaches are developing practice techniques with more focus on player development
  • Coaches are more relaxed on sidelines, observing players instead of yelling and screaming to win games
  • Players are happier after every game
  • Players are excited to go back to practices after game days because everyone won
  • More camaraderie among players because everyone is a friend
  • Players are developing soccer techniques instead of winning at all cost
  •  Parents are more relaxed and enjoying their kids play
  • Parents are cheering and clapping instead of fighting with referees and opponents
  • Game day is a great festival


We are confident this new environment will continue to allow each club the opportunity to deliver a player centered learning environment focused on the current needs of the U8U10 players.




STAR Soccer Complex

5103 David Edwards Dr, San Antonio, TX 78233




7440 FM 1560 San Antonio, TX 78254



PP -  Lions Pride Park

49 Maske Rd
Schertz, TX 78154



CE - Classic Elite Blossom

1600 E Bitters Road, San Antonio, TX 78216