“I’ve been involved in the soccer world for a long time, since my kids joined the LONESTAR CLUB, they have increased their development skills, thanks to the great Coaches they have had; but furthermore, they now enjoy soccer more than ever, the coaches are not only soccer mentors but also make their practices really fun. As a parent I really like the organization, and been able to throw my 2 cents when needed… the way I see it, is not about the Club, is about family”


- Jorge Palomino


"Like many parents who consider Lonestar we felt our kids' abilities, passion, and potential exceeded what our recreational soccer club could provide. Lonestar challenges our son and daughter in an atmosphere of development, competition, and sportsmanship. We have great parents, great kids, and great coaches!"


- Steven & Sunshine Farris


"Our boys have played soccer with organizations in five different states. Without a doubt, the Lonestar organization, with a combination of exceptionally qualified trainers, numerous opportunities for specialty training, and the club philosophy of long-term development, has truly impressed us.  Our boys have thrived in a training environment where they are encouraged to make their own decisions on the field and learn from the consequences of those decisions.  Our Coach has skillfully combined intense training with fun times to allow the boys to simply enjoy playing, which is critical at an age where many players quit due to external performance pressures.  I truly feel that they are getting the best youth soccer experience possible and will continue to improve in skill and passion for the game."


- Rebecca Martemucci