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This page is dedicated to the players of Lonestar SC San Antonio, their long term development and the process within. We hope that soccer plays a major role in all our players lives on and off the field.  In that we understand how important it is for each player to have a solid support system in PARENTS and coaches. Our aim is to provide articles, insight, research and material to parents, players and staff that serves as an opportunity to combine and commit efforts to each player's LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT.



Develop the Team or the Individual?


Develop The Team or the Individual? CLICK TO READ


How Do We Measure Sucess?


Parents are often wondering how do I know my players/my child are/is improving? How do I know my child is getting better if we don't measure wins and losses? As you continually hear from us our focus is on the Long Term Development of every player, below are a few examples of how to measure whether your child is growing and evolving as a youth soccer player.




The Courage to Be Patient 


As we enter the season we want to remember that each player's development is a process and success is measured, not in wins or loses, but on the individual progress the player makes week to week. 
We have shared this article with most of you before and hope that is serves as a good reminder of the environment we hope to maintain as coaches with the support of you as parents. For those of you who are newly reading it we hope that is sheds light on the Long Term Player Development approach our club philosophy is built around.
Below is also a brief note from our Director of Coaching.
We would like to share this excellent article written by Christian Lavers of US Club Soccer and ECNL which has been provided to all of our coaching staff:
"We are 100% committed to the ethos of this article and taking the long term development of players in San Antonio on a different, more successful path than ever before.Thanks to you for having the courage to be patient with us." #LTPD #changingthelandscape
---- Nick Hallam, Director of Coaching - Lonestar SC San Antonio