1.       This partnership will provide better soccer opportunities and experiences for current members of both clubs and will ensure that given the changes that are occurring in the market we can combine the resources for both NEYSO and LSCSA and help sustain the vision and goals that were set forth to provide in the beginning of NEYSO Liberty.
2.       Under this provision, NEYSO will continue to run as a separate entity that is partnered along collaborating with LSCSA as two joint operating programs.  NEYSO will continue to run the recreational operations in the San Antonio area; and LSCSA will resume and operate the youth competitive program.
What are some the exact benefits that help LSCSA and NEYSO Liberty with this partnership?
Given that there are changes to the way teams will be structured based off their birth year we understand that NEYSO Liberty have limited options to provide the best opportunity for all teams. LSCSA will help fortify rosters to overcome the impact of the calendar year age change.  LSCSA will also provide exceptional structure and significant professional administrative support.  There will be more opportunities for all the levels of play for all families.
Who do I contact for more Information?
Information will be posted on the website of each club. NEYSO